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Achievements of our company are confirmed by experience of highly skilled professionals which masterly own a treatment with the natural stone during more than 10 years.

The part of the group-company is STONECRAFT, with its showroom located at the main street of Moscow, Russia.

The special attention at work of the company is given to manufacturing, delivery and installation of irresistible perfect products from a marble, onyx, granite, travertine, and also nacre and semiprecious stones.

We specialize in a complete set of large building objects, as well as in exclusive furnish of private palaces.

At the disposal of our company there are a number of our own industries and warehouses in Moscow.

At our manufactures in Spain and Italy, we produce for you order practically any complexity in the shortest terms. The Individual approach and hospitality of our highly professional experts will surely not leave you indifferent! The highest quality standards are the keystone to success of our company.

The direct adjusted cooperation with quarries all around the world provides raw material in either slabs or plates in any volumes and kinds of handling, so even the most exacting customer would be satisfied.

We’re proudly introducing to your attention a part of our companies’ group: PEARL STONE TRADING is in Dubai, whose showroom is opened in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates at central street Sheikh Zayed Road.

The company guarantees performance of all contracts with high quality under the strict control of your personal expert. Convenience and comfort of the client is our goal. We always meet our obligations extremely quickly and precisely in time. Our clients tend to become our friends and return to us for new orders again and again. A cosiness of your house – that’s the credo of our company.
We do the entire job for you: from design-project performance, and up to installation of complete products with the subsequent warranty service. Our Clients never have to worry about anything, themselves. Comfort, luxury and rel
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