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1) Complete set of building sites.
«STONECRAFT» supplies building sites with facing plates and different products of a natural stone and performs both exterrior and interrior finishing and decorating – lining of socles, front and side walls, laying of floors, ladders,, handrails and balusters installations. Owing to our co-operation with major foreign manufacturers and quarries, and our own production as well, we deliver nearly all kinds and quantities of marble in shortest terms and granite in plate or slabs for public organizations, offices, hotels, trading complexes, living houses, churches, etc

2) Implementation and management of private sites.
We are ready to undertake work of laying your flat or house with natural stone, as well as decorating your walls, floors, facades or fireplaces. Whether you wish to lay the floor in your bathroom with a mosaic or cover a palace with marble – our experts will gladly take all necessary measurements as well as they will complete the full set of works from planning a design to turnkey delivery.

3) Water jet
In order to process material we use innovative water jet technology. Use of a special digital equipment allows to cut the stone with a high-speed stream of water mixed with sand (hydroabrasive cutting). It allows to produce most complex images. Imagine stones of different shape and color forming a unique pattern! It looks just like a jewelry carpet!

4) Semiprecious stones and nacre.
Semiprecious stones and nacre will help you to underline your high status and some kind of clannishness. For example, such wall panels and table-tops look really magnificent! Add some worthy lighting to make translucent stones appear even more refined and charming!

5) Exclusive, book-match, leather and exclusive furnish.
We willingfully accept challenges of creating exclusive designs particulary from rare and inaccessible materials.
For examplea panel of exotic stones in book-match style:
imagine slabs that mirror each other, weaving its’ natural textures in an elegan
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