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The company now functions as the public investment fund, putting capital of the clients into hi-tech venture projects and all deposits VC are insured. VC is an online service of officially registered investment companies. VC is intended for work with private clients and the investment companies usually work only with big clients. Till 2009 we were one of such firms working within a narrow circle of financial institution and rich private investors.

In the beginning of 2010 we have received public license that has enabled us to involve money across a broad audience of private investors. We were one of the first in the market offer an opportunity to the investors who were not possessing significant means to participate in venture investments as equal in rights partners, owing to creation of investment pools with share distribution of incomes.

Owing to our command of highly professional analysts and with enough high degree of probability we have an opportunity to estimate potential venture projects and owing to a reasonable and diverse investment portfolio, the risks are reduced to a minimal.

The combination of high and quickly growing profitability of venture investments on the one hand and deep analytical activity with careful insurance management of our fund with another, leads to high profitability of our investment products at the minimal risk for our clients.

Our clients share three categories: A, B and C. Clients categories C are regular users of our online service. Clients of a category A and B are identified as clients having deposits $10 000 and more than 3 months working with our company. To each of our clients the individual confidential code identified on IP and to a computer for clients of a category with and on the given personal papers for categories of clients, A is appropriated as is B. As begins the client of category С: for it to open enough in the account in our program.

How to become the client of category A or B? For translation in category B you should invest into a fund for 3 cons
Перевод с русского на английский статьи
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