Начитка на английском для ролика Sun Studio Printing Technology 

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Перевод не мой, так что на ошибки в тексте не ругаться - я здесь только диктор.

Individuality is the trend of the 21st century!
People are looking for unique things,
exclusive cars and one-of-a-kind housings.
Every company would like to stand out among the competitors.
And the manufacturers tend to produce unique products only.
Nobody wants to follow the crowd.
And you can earn great money from this.
For this you need the special equipment to make any object a unique one
And popular brand, which is already trusted by customers.
Sun Studio franchise gives you everything you need to start a successful business.
The newest equipment allows direct printing of images on any surface like fabric, glass, stone or metal due to ink jet printing technology.
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