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One gathering of Disney visitors got a startling encounter while wandering on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride recently. The Kilimanjaro Safari is a fascination restrictive to Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida. Visitors take an outdoors vehicle through a directed visit through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, which houses 34 species that wander aimlessly on the 110 sections of land of land. The creatures incorporate crocodiles, wildebeests, lions, elephants, hippopotamuses and dark rhinoceroses. Watch this Brooklyn room go from dull to astonishing in one day: The trip, as indicated by the Disney site, takes around 18 minutes. Be that as it may, one TikToker caught the second a visit bunch halted for more than 40 minutes. TikTok client Katelin (@purely_katelin) shot the visit being captivated by a lion strolling around several feet from the vehicle. Yet, the feeling of stunningness and miracle started to wear off after the gathering wound up caught in the lion nook