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О компании - About the company 

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International Investment Construction Firm
Company International Investment & Construction would like to propose you any help in the Dominican Republic territory – selection and closure of the deals by selling any real estate, organizing of building any objects you want, execution of the residence permit and citizenship, creating of the company whichever you want, selling of the commercial objects and prepared especially for you ready business: from small bars and cosy restaurants till big splendid hotels, amazing factories and mineral deposits and so on. We would be glad to offer you everything that you could only wish.

Presale services International Investment & Construction

We did comfortable presale service considering all your inquiries:

It doesn’t matter if you need small cosy house for the rest or a luxurious individually designed and built villa with delicious swimming pool. Our open-minded and high qualified specialists will meet all your requirements with big pleasure. We proud of high service of our company just because our credo that client always right.

Purchase with International Investment & Construction

- Guide for buying real estate in Dominican Republic
- Preferential services of lawyer
- Preferential services of high qualified architects
- Choosing size of plot, all details of decorating work we would be glad to do according to your wishes
- You could choose the way of payment
- We guarantee the high professionalism of work
- You need not lose your money on resellers, our company build and sell different real estate

We are sure that good salesperson should know everything about society where he lives inside out. Beaches, landscapes, water sport, restaurants, cafй, bars, schools, historical places, sport clubs – that’s all part of the very important things on which we have to pay attention when we buy real estate. Here the main role plays competently chosen place for your future property. And in this aspect our knowledgeable specialists with big pleasure help you to find what you
О компании - About the company
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