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All difficulties of the 2009 year are in the past. 2010 year has begun and with it the first ray of dawn.

Yacht-industry as the whole world suffered from financial crisis. Unfortunately, the situation of the most producers of serial yachts is hard nowadays as a result of global changes and lack big amount of money.

But from the beginning of summer 2009 year, we can say without a doubt, that we began feel positive dynamics – in the 2009 was sold yachts: Almost all clients, who buy them were from Russia and Arab countries. The dead season is over. The situation is changed to the best side.

On the charter market the situation is appreciably improved too. For example, yacht X was freighted for a whole season. What include in 6 weeks of charter for the Russian clients.

Unfortunately, positive changes are evident for a present only in segment of big and most expensive yachts – the leaders of last word of techniques and innovations.

We find the decision how to improve the situation in the segment of small and medium yachts. We are more than well-known portal; we are old reliable friend of our clients. And only high quality and modern service, the wide choice of the different kinds of yachts for the most exacting requirements, which we propose could suit any taste.

You too could become the real friend of our clients. We proud of our relationship with our clients, and you could surprise them by your new decisions, last word of technique and meet them with care and love. Even the most rich and respectable Ladies and Gentlemen of Russia trust us just because we take care about them.

Our Website began to work in 2004 year and during this time we scored big success, we became one of the more popular Russian portal in the Internet, we are among the top three leading websites concerning topic of big and great yachts.

Dear Sirs and Ladies, we would be glad to invite you to put up your preposition concerning your splendid yachts in the categories “Selling” and “Lease, Rent.”

We would like from your part to p
Статья - The article
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