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Концепция сети OTT оператора. Гент, Бельгия. 

Дата публикации: 2017-07-01 02:05:50
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Link: zoala.tv
The concept for Zoala TV project OTT network comments and brief initial description:

1. The previous research over EU DCs has shown that most optimal method in the nature for Zoala TV
is being as HLS encoders and media server placement at DC EQUINIX in Frankfurt.
2. It has been found that the rental price for the server is acceptable and low and the rental to be provided ASAP for the project initiating. The rental price is about 70EUR per month for
1 1RU 10” rack mount device.
3. The micro-cloud HLS OTT transcoders by Telebreeze to be installed on this leased out or collocated own HDW.
4. Then we have to deliver the MPEG-TS or RTMP or SRT streams from M9 (Moscow) to EQUINIX (Frankfurt) to Zoala TV Micro-cloud located in there.
5. Currently checking the variants is being provided of utilizing VLAN inside corporate LAN of transport provider that will set the price for Zoala TV about 300 EUR per month for delivering Ru TV channels streams group collected as up to 30 TV channels of.
6. Some of the RU TV channels streams (3-5) can be delivered by CDN network on the first stage by CND Video Ltd (RU) to EQUINIX DC.
7. Other Wеstern European TV channels streams (from Spain, Netherlands, France, Italy, etc.) will be delivered by public Internet with RTMP or SRT protocols or by dedicated lines with RTP/UDP (VLAN over operator network ) if needs. That is only make sense if the TV channels already have transcoded SDI-IP streams
as RTMP or SRT or RTP/UDP available at technical room of a broadcaster (a TV Channel).
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