Does Drinking Caffeine Improve Your Workout Performance? 

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Do you have caffeine daily? Are you aware in what ways caffeine can help you in your workouts? Supplements help us a lot during workouts, and if taken properly, can be really effective.

And when it comes to supplements, caffeine is one thing that stands out. Want to know more about caffeine and how it serves as a pre-workout supplement? Check out this post!
The Greatness Of Caffeine:

Caffeine is a bitter white crystalline alkaloid that is found in coffee, energy drinks, kola nuts etc. The main effect of caffeine is its stimulating property in the human body. According to FDA, it is classified as a stimulant psychoactive drug, but unlike other psychoactive drugs it is not banned and is considered legal. It is the most widely used stimulator and booster for restoring alertness and waving away drowsiness; that’s why each one of us craves for our morning and evening cup of coffee. A strong cup of coffee typically contains around 80-90mg of caffeine. Recent statistics have shown that 90 percent of the world’s population consume caffeine in one form or the other.

Role Of Caffeine During Workout:

Caffeine is present in various forms in a supplement pack. The most widely used forms are caffeine Anhydrous (crude form of caffeine), dicaffeine malate (caffeine associated with malic acid, fast acting and more effective) and caffeine citrate (faster acting supplement form and can be used to treat asthma and migraines).

Caffeine, when consumed at an optimal pre-workout time (takes an approximate time of 30 minutes to act once inside the body), has a positive effect as it gives a ‘pump’ or ‘drive’ to the body. It gets flushed out of the body soon and that makes the intake time crucial in order to achieve the best results. Its consumption is not only limited to someone who sweat out in the gym, but also for athletes and other sportspersons. This drive gives energy to the body that is used during the workout for getting great results. Basically, it acts as a fuel for the body to move. In simple scientific terms, the caffeine

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